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Every 2 Weeks


Have you got questions about Christianity? Or do you just find it ridiculous? Come along to our special events every other week. Here are the events being put on in the first semester:

  • Board Games Night (14th October)

  • Long Live the King: Do We Need The Monarchy (27th October)

  • Flux (15th-16th November)

    • Tuesday 15th
      • Lunch - Science and Faith: Do we have to choose? - Lolfa Fach, Pantycelyn, 12pm
      • Globe - Is Jesus the Truth? - Morlan Centre, 5:30
      • Evening - Despite the chaos, is anything true? - Morlan Centre: 7pm
    • Wednesday 16th
      • Lunch - In chaos can we trust leaders - Lolfa Fach, Pantycelyn, 12pm

      • Globe - Can we trust God - Morlan Centre, 5:30pm

      • Is loving yourself enough - Morlan Centre, 7pm

  • Why Christianity? Event (24th November)


These events vary massively; we host a wide variety of events to suit a wide range of people. We will have talks and times for discussions, other days will be question and answer panels to answer whatever is on your mind, others might be a bonfire and a talk. Its pretty hard to pin down! Its probably best just to check our Events page and look on our social media.


These events will vary in locations, but they will be announced on social media. We would love to see you join! 

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