7:00pm to 9:00pm

Location dependent on event


Have you got questions about Christianity? Or do you just find it ridiculous? Come along to our main event each. Each week we host an event aimed to introduce or further your understanding of Christianity. These vary in depth from week to week, so whether you've never heard of Jesus or you've read the Bible back to back, there will be something for you.


Our Monday nights vary massively; we host a wide variety of events to suit a wide range of people. Some Mondays we will have movie nights and explore the Biblical themes in the film (last was "Hunt for the Wilder-people"), other nights will be question and answer panels to answer whatever is on your mind, others might be a bonfire and a talk. Its pretty hard to pin down! Its probably best just to check our Events page.


As we could be doing anything, we could end up being anywhere. If the weather is nice we might be on the beach, or if we're hosting a film we might be on campus. If you're wondering where we're going to be this week, then check the Events page for specific information

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