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Thank you to all of our regular supporters!
If you'd like to support the work of the CU then please consider donating below, here is a rough breakdown of what your donation will be used for:


Broadly speaking we spend our budget on advertising, literature, speakers, refreshments and venue hire. If you want to keep up to date with what we're doing as a CU here in Aberystwyth then please consider signing up to our regular newsletter update on our contact page.


While our expenditure varies year to year, here is a more rough breakdown of our main expenditure.

Freshers Week ~ £300

In order to introduce new students to the CU and spread the Gospel among all the other events during Freshers' week, the Christian Union host a week of events. These events not only aim to introduce Christian students to the local Church, but also to introduce students from other backgrounds to the Good News of Jesus.

Christmas ~ £500

This cost includes the price of a carol service, to reach the wider student community, hosted by the Christian Union where we host a longer talk as well as distributing Gospels.


Mission Week ~ £2,500

Our Mission week is our greatest expenditure. Existing as an extension of our week-to-week events, this week is a focused effort with 5 lunch events including lunch, 5 international events including food, and 5 evening events including pudding. Each of these events clear explains, and defends the Gospel as well as providing a platform to engage with Christians. 

Please sincerely consider financially helping us as a Christian Union, we want to see everyone have the opportunity to respond to the gospel and our plans are big, we just need the prayer and funds.

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