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One of the things we love to do as a CU is read and study the Bible together. While our Churches are the main and essential way in which we learn, grow and mutually encourage one another in the faith, our Impact Groups (IG) aim to tailor these to student life. IG are small groups of 3-8 students who all meet regularly to study the Bible together, encourage each other, pray for one another and to proclaim and glorify the Triune God on campus.  


Although IG are primarily for Christians, non-Christians are also welcomed to join and learn more about Christianity.


IG meetings are led by an IG leader, who will be a member of the CU. They will occur on Monday evenings, but depending on time constraints, days and timings may vary for each IG.


The basic IG schedule for the following year (yet to be confirmed) will be as follows:

  • Semester 1. Duration: 11 weeks of IG – topic: Book of Acts  

  • Semester 2. Duration: 11 weeks of IG – topic: (waiting confirmation)

  • Semester 3. Duration: 3 weeks of IG – topic: (waiting confirmation)


All IG will study the same topic each semester. IG will not run every week, so hence, the number of IG per semester is different to the number of teaching weeks in each semester.



Ideally IG will take the form of studying and discussing the bible over dinner, as well as investigating any other topics that may arise.​


Unfortunately, due to the Covid-19 pandemic we were/are unable to meet in-person. As a result, the Impact Groups were/will be on Zoom. IG leaders should send the Zoom link to members of their group by email.


In be involved in an IG you can send an email to the CU via the contact page on the website, or via social media. There a member of the CU Executive Committee will put you I contact with the Bible coordinator who will be able to put you into an IG which you can participate in.   

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