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Prayer is at the heart of CU life in Aberystwyth, with our plans being dependent on prayer. As well as incorporating prayer into all of our CU events we also dedicate an afternoon to pray. This allows us to pray for our own personal worries and for the events we're hosting.


Our prayer meetings are an informal time, so there isn't any set structure that we follow. However, normally we will meet have a short time of chatting, getting comfortable, and getting a drink before launching into a short devotional. The devotional could cover anything and we don't have any set themes, it will be whatever the leader thinks is most relevant. Throughout the devotion we will break into different sized groups to pray. Then, at the end, we will have a short time to bring up any additional topics for prayer.


Prayer meetings are hosted by CU members, so we're reluctant to publicly post their address. The best way to find out when our prayer meetings are is to come along to CU Small Groups to find out more, or request the information via Facebook.

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