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Have you ever wondered what Christian's think and believe on different topics. Our Flux week is here to answer those questions. We have a series of 10 talks across the week commencing 6th February running right through to 10th February. 


We have lunch events every day at 12pm in Pantycelyn Hall, with a range of topics and a free lunch:

  • Monday 6th February             - Mental Health: what if it doesn't get better?

  • Tuesday 7th February             - Is God Vegan?

  • Wednesday 8th February       - Social Justice: Is it possible?

  • Thursday 9th February            - Climate change: Why do we care?

  • Friday 10th February               - A.I.: What does it mean to be human?


We will also be hosting evening events in the Morlan Centre at 7pm, with again a range of topics and a variety of refreshments:

  • Monday 6th February             - Does God care about my suffering?

                                                           Fish and chips

  • Tuesday 7th February             - How can I find peace in a chaotic world?


  • Wednesday 8th February       - Can we trust our leaders to carry out justice?

                                                           BBQ Food

  • Thursday 9th February            - War, inflation, political disintegration: Is future



  • Friday 10th February               - Will my life count for anything?


Everyone is welcome, it would be great to see you there!

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