7:00pm to 9:00pm



CU Central is our weekly meeting where the whole CU gathers together to sing, hear a bible talk and socialise afterwards. Each week, different speakers come along and speak on a topic chosen by the CU executive committee for the benefit of the CU.

However, it is crucial to realise that CU Central is not a replacement for Church. Nor is it at equal standing in importance with the Church. Although the CU is helpful and good, the Church is essential and must not be neglected at the cost of increased CU involvement.  


Normally for CU Central we would meet in either Buarth Hall or Old Collage. There would be refreshments available at the start. The meeting will be led by the CU executive committee and will include notices for what is happening next week and for any up coming events the CU is putting on. This will be followed by singing and then a talk from a speaker (former students, Pastors etc.)  


Currently, CU Central has been on Zoom due to the pandemic but hoping to starting to meet in-person soon. If you're interested in coming along but haven't been sent a link before; send us a message via the contact page on the website and we'll send you an email with the Zoom link. We would love to see you join!